Hello there, I’m GreenVirus and I don’t particularly like writing, so let’s get to the point. TWMIX → TsundereWorks Mix is the name for our DJ Sets. They are in Catalog Number form so that they’re easy to identify. Originally, I intended for them to be in chronological order, but as you may know, I don’t stick to plans well most of the time.

About five years ago, when I was under personal stress, I stumbled upon a streamer’s channel by the name of UTriggy on Ustream. He broadcasted a set that contained Touhou arrangements, and other J-Pop songs from artists like Capsule, etc. He had a Vestax Spin, an iMac with the magic touchpad, and various other Vestax products. He would sometimes cosplay or cuddle a pillow. I thought it was pretty cool so I downloaded some of his sets, listened to them a few times, and considered picking up DJ mixing as a hobby. I play a lot of JRPGs and grinding/quest completion can get tedious, so I thought about making sets of my favorites songs so I could listen to them nonstop during my sessions. It turns out some people actually really like them, so I guess this is where I am now.

Some of my sets do not have a TWMIX name. That is because it they are demos, requests, or something spontaneous I decided to do. These tend to be shorter and are in a different style than my usual mixes. My first sets did not have a TWMIX name, and are currently archived online. I do not recommend listening to these.

Sets made after TWMIX-004 are made without using auto-sync, and sets later than that are mixed using cue points and/or tempo. As I get better at this, I will try different things, such as mixing by key.

At this point I think I will try to mix sets that I think listeners will enjoy. If you want more information about a set or if there is a broken download link, please let me know and I will fix it. Please do not ask to download individual tracks.


TWEP-001 marks TsundereWorks’ debut as an amateur label.

TWEP-001 Jacket

Download Jacket. (1000×1000 JPG)

The release features a new single by UTFL, who is our newest member to TsundereWorks. “A Place I want to be,” is a Uplifting Trance composition, featuring a melody written in a major scale, epic pads, and lots of ambient reverb- all hallmarks of the genre.

Visit Bandcamp. Secondary Link. (When Bandcamp’s quota has exceeded.)

The release is free, although you are free to contribute if you’d like.

Jacket illustration is by GreenVirus. Created in C4D, color-corrected in Photoshop, and stylized in After Effects.

Visit UTFL’s Soundcloud.