71:36 Sabi/Kiyo: Presented by Phaseworks

I’m amazed on how I found this beautiful album.

Only 10 Bucks on iTunes… And it’s well worth a listen.

Official Website: http://www.phase-works.com/7136/

You can find the iTunes launch link there so that you can start previewing the music. Alternatively, you can continue reading to discover where to download some Free Tracks by these artists.

Ambient Electronic music that is perfect for relaxing, for background artistic inspiration, driving, anything…

Track List

1. Om
2. Sleepy Emerald vs. HE Ostrich
3. Om (Julien Neto Remix)
4. Howling Out With Tight Neons
5. Howling Out With Tight Neons (Kettel Remix)
6. Tones On Tail
7. Micropsyche
8. Micropsyche (Richard Devine MicroMacro- Remix)
9. Bear In. Warm-Noiz (Noor Extended Version)
10. Noor (Machine Drum Mountain Eye-Beam Remix)

The tracks in red mean that you can only obtain them through iTunes if you buy the entire album. Of course, Bear In. is almost 14 minutes, and Sleepy Emerald is almost 11 minutes.

How did I discover this album?

I was browsing for the singer who does the music for the opening of Flyable Heart! I read (or probably misread) that the singer’s name was Kiyo.

I searched on Google, and this is what I got:

Click on the Image to View Larger

And so I clicked on the MySpace Link, thinking that I would find the singer for the opening song there…

But I didn’t. I instead seemed to find a profile of a person who seems to do some sort of experimental music. I listened a bit, and while I was searching for the song I was looking for, I started to like his music.

His name is Kiyo (Kiyoshi Ono). He does ambient electronic music using his laptop. It seems to be very abstract and interesting, although it may just sound like noise to some.

In fact, he calls his own music “warm noise,” and his phrase is “Enjoy Warm Noise.”

His Personal Website: w a r m n o i s e . . .

There are some free tracks to download if you want to get started on his website. All links are at the bottom of the post.

In this album, he worked with a person who goes by the name “Sabi,” (Taro Peter Little) who is also an ambient music composer. The most noticeable difference between the two is that Kiyo uses more electronic sound, while Sabi focuses on more ambient sound. This creates a unique mix of music in 71:36.

For these two particular composers, I will be creating two separate posts dedicated to both. In this post, I will only focus on the album itself.


71:36 has a nice variety of music that combines both electronic and ambient sounds into a mixture that is excellent to listening to when you just want to concentrate and relax, when you’re drawing or doing some other artworks, or for sleeping.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not so good at reviewing music myself, so I’ll just place a quote here from Pitchmedia:

Split record between Taro Peter Little aka Sabi and Kiyoshi Ono aka Kiyo contains 3 tracks from each and 4 remixes from Richard Devine, Kettel, Julien Neto and Machine Drum. It’s the labels second release following their label compilation named “RGB”, that was released in march earlier this year. The first part of this split record is in Sabis hands and is a very laid back classical affair. With idyllic orchestral soundscapes on “Om” and “Howling Out With Tight Neons”, “Sleepy Emerald” stands out as it’s 10 minute long and is a slightly more energized track with deep sub, looped noise patterns and clarinet sweeping in and out troughout the track, accompanied by neat melodies from various classical instruments.  Kiyo steps in a more experimental direction with rough glitches, warm noise and short “micro” melodies. The remixes are very good too, each sticking to the theme and as a whole, melts very well in to enhance the overall listening experience.  We get the best of two worlds in this split record which is available on iTunes and various japanese webshops. Check out Sabis website or Phaseworks for prelistening and purchasing options.


Kiyo’s Free Tracks & Discography Information: (Click Free MP3’s to Download)

Kiyo’s MySpace Music Profile (Previews of Latest Releases are Posted Here)

Kiyo’s Last FM Account

Sabi’s Tumblr (Personal Blog-Like Site with Information and Updates)

Sabi’s Personal Website (Download Free Tracks, Just Browse Around…)

Sabi’s MySpace Music Profile (Previews are also Posted Here)

Sabi’s Last FM Account

Information on 71:36, a collaboration album effort by Sabi & Kiyo

Disclaimer: Tsundere Works has NOT been paid or have had any contact with any of these artists or with Phaseworks. These opinions are my own.

If you have any questions, post them below. No personal info needed.

So, in the end, I forgot all about the singer for the opening song of Flyable Heart… ^_^

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