Syrufit – Where is Love

A little late reviewing the music albums of Comiket 78, but this year, Syrufit rocked the entire competition with their new album:

Artist: Do-Raku7 (兎塚エイジ, Usatsuka Eiji)

With music from well-known circles such as Alstroemeria Records, ALiCE’s EMOTiON, Cytokine, Shibayan Records and more. Syrufit pulled an excellent move here: a music album with a variety of different content, from progressive trance, to rock and roll, and a fantastic ending with a stringed arrange of Bad Apple.

I was anxiously biting my nails, awaiting for the release of this album. I knew what I had in store, and when I had it in my hands, it did not disappoint one bit.

Prior to C78, Syrufit posted a video preview of their upcoming album containing crossfades of each track. I immediately fell in love. For the next two weeks, I was living off the preview.

This is the Youtube embed. You can see the original here on Syrufit’s website.

Review after the break. Don’t forget that the Download Link is at the bottom, as well as more webpages (Lyrics) for you to look at as you wait for your download.

However, I strongly suggest you purchase the album. It is worth every yen, and I’m not getting paid to say this.

Originally, the album sold for 1000 yen during the Comiket 78 event. Lines were packed, peoples’ hearts were beating, and the acrid smell of sweat attacked the atmosphere.
If you were lucky enough be in Japan during this time, you could not have assisted C78 and without purchasing this album.

It sells for 1500 yen now at brand-name stores like Toranoana.

Song List:

  1. Introductory chapter
  2. Dream bottom
  3. Night that can be danced
  5. Dim.Dream
  6. アモリタチテカミトミユ (Amoritachite Kami to Miyu)
  7. Selection
  8. Shadow of jealousy
  9. Fox Bomb
  10. Last lie
  11. Between the sky
  12. Luvstruck
  13. Fragile. (Strings Re-arrange)

Arrangements By:

  • Masayoshi Minoshima [Alstroemeria Records]
  • Linjin [CYTOKINE]
  • Gojyo-kai [SYNC.ART’S]
  • Nhato
  • Shibayan [ShibayanRecords]
  • Syrufit
  • Vocals by
  • Mei Ayakura [MeMe in Wonderland.]
  • mican* [Alstroemeria Records]
  • Tsubaki Ichimatsu
  • 3L

Lyrics By:

  • Haruka [Alstroemeria Records]
  • Satoshi Kuroiwa [Kimi no Museum]
  • Sayaka Yamazaki
  • Linjin [CYTOKINE]
  • Mei Ayakura [MeMe in Wonderland.]

Track Origins (Composed by Zun):

  • 1. Touhou Seirensen / A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander
  • 2. Touhou Kaikidan / World’s End
  • 3. Touhou Fuumaroku / Himorogi, Burn in Violet
  • 4. Touhou Gensokyo / Selene’s light
  • 5. Touhou Yumejikuu / Dim.Dream
  • 6. Touhou Youyoumu / Necrofantasia
  • 7. Touhou Yumejikuu / Selection
  • 8. Touhou Chireiden / Green-eyed Jealousy
  • 9. Touhou Youyoumu / Charming Domination
  • 10. Touhou Eiyashou / Love-colored Master Spark
  • 11. Touhou Seirensen / Sky Ruin
  • 12. Touhou Seirensen / Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
  • 13. Touhou Gensokyo / Bad Apple!!

Thanks to VGMdb for providing this information.


1: Introductory Chapter) The introductory track is excellent and beautifully arranged. It gives off this mysterious aura that invokes excitement. At first, I didn’t know who Syrufit was at first, so I was not expecting any of this, I was completely taken by surprise.

Now that I think about it, there’s not a lot of arranges of Tiny Clever Commander around. I was never a fan of Nazrin’s theme in the first place, but this one is creative and powerful. It is completely exciting, much like the feeling you get when sitting in a theater before the movie starts.

2. Dream Bottom) And off it goes! The album kicks it off with a bold and powerful arrange of World’s End! This one is just straight up rock and roll, but dynamic and well executed, and the vocals are sung by Mei Ayakura, who has a clear and dynamic voice as well.

3. Night that can be danced) And just like that, it’s already the third song in the album. A cool and subtle beginning followed by an inviting beat.

The vocals this time around are done by Mei and Mican. Now, I really don’t like Mican’s voice. (Thankfully she’s only singing once in this album.) Actually, I don’t like any vocal in my songs that sounds excessively like a staple loli from some stock Eroge. (Example: Rizuna who did vocals for Alstroemeria Records’ “of Memories.” Will review that some other time.) However, she doesn’t sing much in this one, so she’s not that annoying.

4. Kizu Kakushi) Kizu Kakushi starts with an aggressive beat and it pretty much stays constant throughout the entire song. It is incredibly catchy.

5. Dim Dream) I keep trying to read that as “Dimensional Dream.” The BPM is lower on this one, so it’s a more relaxing song than the other ones.

6. Amoritachite Kami to Miyu) And here’s what I think is the best song in the entire album. It simply has… everything.

3L’s voice is superior to that of Mei’s in my opinion. Her voice is more mature, robust, and dynamic than her’s. Here, we have an arrange of Necrofantasia. Even after I knew what song this was based off, I still couldn’t tell any similarities between the two.

Eight and a half minutes of beautiful music.

Love that bass
Love that drum
Love that voice

The song starts with Sayuri Anpo’s (3L) voice taking a cutesy tone, and then, during the next verse, she switches to a suddenly more mature tone. After the second verse, the song falls into some heavy progressive trance.

And then… as if another song, *bam* Syrufit mixes the rest in (At 5:00), which includes the part in the video preview on their site.

This track was smartly and elegantly put together. Sayuri’s voice is appropriate for this type of song, and it brings out all that she can do.

7. Selection)  Another sexy trance song in this album. The most catchy song by far. Shiki’s voice is rougher than Mei’s, and is quite comparable to Sayuri Anpo’s voice. I’m wondering right now…

How come she didn’t pair up with Mei for the third track? Listen to this song on some bass headphones.

8. Shadow of Jealousy) A slower BPM, which can make this song seem boring at first. Mei Ayakura sings this one, and guess what, it’s got English lyrics.

However, it’s arranged nicely. It’s an arrange of Mizuhashi Parsee’s theme, and Nhato really brings out the melancholic feeling in this one. Actually, the original theme composed by Zun sounded melancholic enough the first time I heard it.

9. Fox Bomb) ALiCE’s EMOTiON’s only song in the album. Their style is usually some sort of speedy hardcore trance, so this one stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Because there are no vocals, in contrast to the other songs having them, Fox Bomb may sound sort of plain.

10. Last Lie)  Beautiful and worthy arrange of Marisa Kirisame’s theme. Catchy, and very similar in style to Selection. Shiki does the vocals for this one, and she’s got this little echo thing going on the background-


Enjoyable little arrange, but that reminds me, the album is almost over…

11. Between the Sky) There’s been a lot of arranges of “Sky Ruins” lately. It’s a good theme, but it tends to get tired quickly because so many circles have done it already. (Problem if you’ve listened to some of the many arranges of this already.) This one felt very speedy, with hardly any room to cram the vocals in, and it sounds so much like the original, therefore sounding so much like the other arranges. Still, it sounds better than your average “Sky Ruins” remix.

12. Luvstruck) The melody is beautiful, and powerful. Cytokine did an excellent job. I haven’t heard of Cytokine before, but I was so pleased with this track that I went to look them up. Apparently, they’ve been doing music for a long time now! Wow!

However, Mei’s voice surprised me. I cannot distinguish the lyrics at all, and it sounds like she is singing from somewhere far away. The melody drowns out her voice, and you can’t even tell what she’s singing. The lyrics are in English, and thankfully, Syrufit included the lyrics to the song with their CD. I’m going to have to take a look at that later.

Still, the melody is different, and quite an unusual arrange of Emotional Skyscraper (Byakuren’s theme.) so I enjoyed it very much. It’s one of my favorites.

13. Fragile (Strings Re-Arrange) And just like that, we’re now at the end of the album! Syrufit released more songs this year than the last. (C77’s release was “Show me your Love,” which featured 11 songs.)

Mei Ayakura closes with a slow, calming melody. If you didn’t know who she was at first, well, now you do. She can sing rock and roll, and she can sing orchestral pieces like this one.


Hmm, what’s this? Just a few months ago, I said that I couldn’t review music! Well, Syrufit’s CD was one hell of a surprise for a lot of us. 13 high-quality songs, with respected singers and arrangers. A lot of the big Doujin names participated, and in the end, we had a mixture of different styles, genres and flavors of songs.

I was impressed, and each time I listen to this album, it enjoy it even more.


Well, here’s your download link as promised. [link]

Here are lyrics to the songs: [link]

Syrufit’s Official Album Page: [link]


As always, thank you for reading. More images will be added later.

5 thoughts on “Syrufit – Where is Love

  1. It really is a great album, I’d really like to buy it, but it’s not easy when you live in Germany…
    Could you provide me with a link to somewhere I can order it? o.o

  2. Why do Touhou people use the word “arrange” as a noun? Shouldn’t you say “arrangement” instead? I studied jazz arranging at a conservatory for years and graduated with a bachelor’s of music, and we always said “arrangement.” Plus, the dictionary defines “arrange” as a verb, not a noun. Is this some kind of weird English-to-Japanese-back-to-English word or something? I don’t get it!

    While I’m on the subject of people seemingly misusing music-related words, it also peeves me when people say “remix” when they really mean “cover” or “arrangement.” Remixes should include at least SOME of the original recording, mixed or mastered differently. That’s why they call it a re-MIX!

    With people using all these different words interchangeably it hinders clarity. E.g., if someone says something is a “remix” nowadays I don’t know if they REALLY mean remix, or if they mean arrangement.

    Sorry, rant mode off. 🙂

    Thanks for uploading this. I’ll buy the album in Akiba next month, but in the meantime it’s nice to have the MP3s for blasting on the car stereo! 🙂

    • I also found it weird at first, but I just assumed that arrangement = アレンジ = which is short and translates to “arrange.” I noticed that a bunch of Touhou music uploaders on Youtube also used this convention because it’s easier. I understand your point, though, especially with the remix part. There are also other words used by the artists themselves, such as “different interpretation, reconstructed mix, rework,” and so on.

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