What’s this!? Three sequential posts on music!? Well, the site is taking quite a turn, now aren’t we?

I don’t know who these guys are, but they released an 8-track album of 100% original music for only 1500-1900¥, and it is absolutely wonderful.

I found it on Syrufit’s website. Seems like Syrufit (Who was formerly with Alstroemeria Records, then decided to go his way) helped out these guys release their album.

Who is ELECTROCUTICA? Who are they? What are they?

  • 100% Original Music
  • Beautiful Vocals
  • Excellent Hatsune Miku-composed track.
  • 8-Track Album
  • Variety of types of music. Each track feels different than the last.
  • Beautiful Ending.

I haven’t listened to it yet, so I won’t write much, but I highly suggest you give it a listen. Here’s a Youtube preview:

Track List:

  1. Reversus
  2. Fluctus + Fractus
  3. Melaleuca
  4. Illusionika
  5. #006F86
  6. Vice Versa
  7. Triplaneta
  8. Lullaby

I found these guys through Syrufit’s blog. Electrocutica sold their album at Comiket 78 for 1500¥, but the price is a little higher depending on what store you purchase it from.

Amazon is also selling this album overseas, but for a higher price. Have a look here.

See their website here.

And with that, welcome to the new TsundereWorks! We will be slowly deviating from our original line of content, and focus more on bringing you exciting and fresh new media. Of course, we will still be covering topics of interest, but there will be a higher priority on arts: musical, visual, and more animation, as well as games and the occasional cosplay/illustration image set.

9 thoughts on “ELECTROCUTICA – Reversus

  1. Thank you so much~ I was looking for this album for a long time. Their previous album was very good so I expect no less from this one ; 3

  2. ELECTROCUTICA is a band that creates songs using that Vocaloid software. I think that they use the Vocaloid vocals to get more attention. But just the melody itself it’s beautiful.

    You’re right. They great. All the songs are composed by Treow. The most important members in this group are Treow (composer) and Shizuka Kitajima (illustration and sometimes lyrics)

    ELECTROCUTICA is also known by the name ElektLyze.

    • I think band is an extreme understatement. Try geniuses who have had their own orchestra. Seriously, check out Reversis on YouTube, uploaded byElectrocutica themselves. I think they hire singers besides Vocaloids because I know that naginagi and luschka have done vocals for them.

      These people produce music worthy for a god. I’m such a huge fan. ^^

  3. So sad the actual CD is pretty much out of print, but, many have said REVERSUS is in Japanese… backwards. (like, the lyrics are.) Today I finally put each line of romaji backwards individually to keep the order and it’s pretty close to the pronunciation on their website. It’s like Japanese backwards except modified to have a more natural flow and wonderful feel. I’m still not completely sure if it is JP in reverse but the pronunciation was pretty darn close. “irogin on iganasA” is backwards romaji, “oruka iganason” is the lyric there.

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