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Electrocutica released their third album just at the end of the year. (Technically their fourth release, if you count DYE -synthesis-) With their success of Reversus, which was released earlier last year, I expected nothing less their usual high-quality work.

Despite being their third album, it sounds like a high-quality professional release you’d expect from a Doujin circle many years after their establishment. I can’t even imagine how good they’ll be in the years to come!

Reception by the public seems to be almost unanimously positive; this is suggested by a poll I made on the other post:

So what’s in store this time?

  • While there are no human vocals this time like in Reversus, all tracks feature software voices from Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka.
  • Beautiful experimental music composition
  • 9 Tracks
  • Variety between tracks. Each track has a different feels than the last. I feel this album is more diverse than Reversus, although the entire album gives a stronger electronic (artificial) feel than the other ones. It must be the combination of 100% Vocaloid and fast-paced electronic music.
  • Various Artists. Treow isn’t the only composer in this album. Crystalloid also features AVTechNO!, Millstones, Zddn and 8#Prince.
  • Needless to say, like Reversus, the album is completely sexy: inside and out. Crystalloid features a transparent cover, and the artwork is directly on the disk. The symmetrical fractal pattern is directly printed on the disk, which is visible through the jewel casing.
  • Beautiful ending. Reversus had an excellent introduction, but even though this one doesn’t contain an introduction of any sort, it is a solid music release all over.

ELECTROCUTICA has their own Youtube channel. Here’s the preview movie of Crystalloid so you can preview the music:

Track List:

1. Escape – Megurine Luka

2. boku-boku – Hatsune Miku

3. Leucos – Hatsune Miku

4. blind – Hatsune Miku

5. Program”Avalon” – Megurine Luka

6. Melas – Hatsune Miku

7. boku-boku II – Hatsune Miku

8. blank – Hatsune Miku

9. Regret – Hatsune Miku

I usually think twice before listening to anything Vocaloid. It’s very difficult to fine-tune Miku’s voice to produce the most (realistic / mature / softest / etc) pitch of voice. This is something that not all composers can do, and even with excellent music, this compromises the quality of many songs with Vocaloid. This is why I don’t like Kagamine Len / Rin: their voices are simply too high-pitched that it no longer sounds natural, no matter how much tweaking you do. Hatsune Miku can be done properly, and so can Megurine Luka.

In Crystalloid, VOCALOID vocals sound crisp and clear. It sounds clean and more human as opposed to the bulk of Vocaloid songs on the Internet. Naturally, it is always good to listen to a song where Miku’s voice does not shatter your ears with her insanely high-pitched voice.

Why don’t you listen to it first and find out for yourself?


Use the image above for album art. The ones included in the ZIP are low-res.

3 thoughts on “ELECTROCUTICA – Crystalloid

  1. I’m lovin’ the guitar-esque sounds they’ve put in. Melas (also up on youtube), has got that great new sound I’m talking about.

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