A Double Threat: Syrufit’s Love Hearts

Thought that circles would become lazy during the winter just because of the holidays and because the end of the year was approaching?

Inspiration knows no holidays or rest days!

Syrufit and Cytokine combined to bring us two high-quality music albums that were both released at Comiket 79, December of 2010.

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In this post, we will be covering Syrufit’s release first. The next will cover Cytokine’s release. The download link for Syrufit’s release can be found below.

Hakurei Reimu | Artist: Do-Raku7

Love Hearts? by Syrufit

Syrufit doesn’t disappoint. In this 10-track album, we have an excellent lineup of vocalists from various circles, which yields an interesting result.

1. Opening Bet

The album opens with a scene of someone that appears to be stitching, cutting, ripping. Stitching what? I don’t know. A shoemaker? A surgeon stitching an open wound? My imagination immediately picked up the pace and various images came to mind.

After a few seconds of the guitar bass and the ambient conversations in the background, the intro opens into this dreamy, nightly tune for the remainder of the track.

2. True Blue

True Blue felt strikingly familiar the first time I listened to it. We have Mei Ayakura in a trance song. The song is after the introduction. We’re not starting off strong here, unless this is your first time listening to Syrufit. It reminds me of Fantasia, (ALR’s of memories) Wheel, (Syrufit’s Show me Your Love) and Night that can be Danced, (Syrufit’s Where is Love) for example. These are all good tracks; Syrufit is very good yes, but having Mei sing over a familiar beat gets a little plain. The familiar beat, the echoing of the singer’s voice, the winding down and the build up that occurs halfway through the track-

Syrufit’s done this before. Mei Ayakura’s done this before. I’ve listened to this before.

3. And Juliet

It does remind me of Kizu Kakushi, (Syrufit’s Where is Love) but it works. Mei’s voice does provide a nice contrast between her voice and the heavy beat of the instruments.

4. Fill You In

Here’s Cytokine’s first track in the album, and it’s actually quite good. It’s catchy, and the song sounds more like a melody than the other ones. The rock motifs in the track are a common element in Cytokine’s work.

5. Myosotis Alpestris

One of my favorite tracks in the entire album. A long trance song with a heavy electronic beat that is just refreshing and pleasing to listen to. Sayuri Anpo is the vocalist in this one, and her sweet, calm voice may even be entrancing for some. 3L may as well be one of my favorites. Her voice just has so much potential.

Related: Structure Frame from Double Counterpoint.

6. Everything

Another song by Syrufit with Sayuri Anpo. Sit down and chill out; it’s a break from the last song. Quite a unique arrange of Marisa’s theme.

7. Rewire

The strong synths at the beginning might be a little irritating, but they only last for a few seconds. “Electronica, Rewire” loops for a number of times as the song builds. Then, the extra beats disappear for a moment to welcome Aki’s voice. As she sings a few more lines, the extra instruments start coming back, and right when Aki is about to sing the lines below, everything stops and her voice gains more volume, filling the entire room. (or wherever the sound is being projected)

Kagome-kagome, kago no naka no tori wa, itsu itsu de aru, ushiro no shonen dare~? (Repeat Once)

The sound winds down and then- BOING!

I found that to a little humorous~

The rest of the song doesn’t do much to complement Aki’s voice. It’s just her singing on a few beats and instruments. It’s a good track, but it could have used more work. I liked listening how Aki’s voice suddenly gained more volume, and I ended up wanting more. Come to think of it, the interruption in the middle of the song was more of an adrupt one than a humorous one…

8. BAD

BAD seamlessly plays after Rewire, so I often play the two together. First time I heard the song, I didn’t notice the transition; something that I really enjoy when listening to a new album. BAD stands alone nicely, but Rewire doesn’t.

BAD starts with a softer synth than Rewire’s, and Linjin himself actually does some vocals, except they’re remixed to sound like a robot. Pretty cool.

Sayuri Anpo is the main vocal for this one, and this time she sings in English. Remember that I mentioned that 3L’s voice has a lot of potential. Here, she sounds much more mature, and honestly, I don’t think her accent is bad. It still sounds Engrishy, but I can live with it. I wouldn’t suggest you look up the lyrics, though.

9. You’re the Fire

Here’s a much lighter track with Mei Ayakura. It sounds more like pop than trance or house to me. Most arranges of “Fires of Hokkai” tend to be good, so I’m not surprised. The song overall gives a pop rock feel: from the soft beats of the drums in the background, to the occasional electric guitar during Mei’s vocals; all part of Cytokine’s style.

10. EX-Otica

The ending track for Love Hearts. At first, it seems like an arrange of “The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky,” except I never end up hearing the entire song. It seems to me that Linjin is experimenting, and yes, I like what he’s doing, but he really should have made this into a full song.

“Play dat funky, funky thang; for all you strangers in here tonight~”

Sounds less like Cytokine and more like something you’d hear from Alstroemeria Records…


Love Hearts is a very solid album produced by Syrufit and Cytokine. It’s interesting to see how Cytokine’s style is changing, and Syrufit continues to produce quality work. I enjoyed this release a lot and honestly, I can hardly see anything wrong with it. It’s certainly worth a listen, even if trance or pop isn’t your thing. Dead Man’s Hand is next, and it’s also very good.

Download the album here.

Lyrics Here.

One thought on “A Double Threat: Syrufit’s Love Hearts

  1. This album is wonderful.

    I just have to disagree with you on true blue though.
    Echoing of the voice, Mei having done this before.. maybe…
    But what has been done before doesn’t mean it has to be boring.
    This song gives of a totally different feel than Wheel or Fantasia. Wheel is a much more upbeat and fast paced song, while true blue has a far less bold, almost melancholic feeling (especially with the background theme).
    You just have to compare the last 20 seconds of those songs to get what I mean.

    It’s actually one of the two songs on this album that are stuck in my head for a week now, the other being Myosotis alpestris (Anporin doeas a great job there).

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