Alvafloria – 2014 Media Project

AF Wall

Alvafloria is our year-long multimedia project focusing on digital abstract 3d animation. Loosely meaning “dawn flower,” or “flowering at dawn,” Alvafloria refers to promotional videos done in this style. We hope to reach out to electronic independent musicians and labels, promoting their high-quality works in this manner.

AF-01 Render

Interested? Please contact us!

  1. If we like it, we’ll do it. Browse our channel to see what our preferences are like.
  2. All videos are free of charge, period.
  3. Your content cannot contain material that can cause Youtube to create a Content ID or Copyright Strike on our channel.
  4. Completed works are available by request.
  5. Promotional videos are created using Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, and various third party plugins.
  6. Please allow ample time for works to be completed. When requesting a video, please have a clear deadline.
  7. We waive all rights to our completed videos, use them however you wish.
  8. Terms may change without notice in the future.
  9. This promotion only applies to standard length videos.

Written by GreenVirus / Approved by TsundereWorks on 1/28/14

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