This is the first J-Core Remix!! set that I made back in… 2011? Currently, it has over 175k views on Youtube and the feedback has been mostly great. I don’t understand why people like it so much. In the video, some images that are not representative of the song being played are shown, and for tracks “Welcome Home – MK Vo. Nahoko” → “Endless Story – Dizzi Mystica feat. Latte,” the transition is exactly as the CD release. The second track is cued to play at the exact moment the first one ends, which is why it sounds seamless. I wasn’t quite aware of what beatmatching was at this point, and you can take notice of this during the transition of “We’re Back – aran” → “Qualia – DJ Noriken.” This was compensated for by using auto-sync. Almost all the tracks are played front to back as well. Looking back, it is a complete disaster and so to me, its popularity is a complete mystery.

The controller I used for this set was a Numark Mixdeck Express, which wasn’t a full MIDI controller and did not support recording to Traktor. Sets that were made using this controller sometimes had noise/grain issues in the recorded audio, and this was mainly present for TWMIX-004, so it is quite fortunate the recording for this one turned out well at least.

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