In Makina Initialization II, I revisit the playlist from the original, and rework it into a new playlist containing new songs without the recording problems. By this point, I had purchased a Traktor Kontrol S4 and am learning to use all of its features, namely, its four channels. It wouldn’t be until TWMIX-011 that I use them all throughout the set, but the main point here is that because it is a full-MIDI controller, it interfaces directly with Traktor so I can record my mixes easily with the best quality.

Makina Initialization II only contains Makina tracks, but I also use Anime bootlegs, original compositions, pop music bootlegs, and arrangements derived from Touhou and Kantai Collection melodies. There is also an arrangement of “Mother Earth” from the Earthbound/Mother series. By this time, I realize I can mix a lot of tracks in a short amount of time, with the average song playing for less than three minutes. Consider this when I have the habit of using tracks in the middle of changing genres, or the inclusion of the very last song, which I may intentionally play from front to back.

Overall, Makina is a very fun style to play with, and I feel like I was able to show that in this set. Please give it a listen sometime.

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