The nomenclature was due to my intent to start over. Saturday Night Fever was the set I played for TouhouCon 2014’s dance, and that was the name that was present on the programming schedule. With this mix, I started to take this type of thing more seriously, and I began using cue points to determine where my next song should start playing when making a transition. In this set, I included ThPro-001, a Touhou arrangement of Septette for the Dead Princess that I arranged myself. I am no producer nor am I a musician, but I like to learn and make new things. Lolita Dark also had a mini-concert happening at the same time as the beginning of the dance, so it took a while before more people started coming in. Nonetheless, it got pretty crowded and feedback was positive. I was able to create friendships and it was a rewarding experience.

I would like to play more sets outside of home sometime.

And of course, I was able to enjoy Lolita Dark’s concert the next day.

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