Makina Initialization was created because the Makina scene in music is very different than from the J-Core producing, Anime bootleg, 175 BPM scene. There are many similarities in term of musical composition, and Makina commonly uses a bass ‘stab,’ an arpeggiated lead called a rayada, and various other quirks. The style originates mainly from Spain, and as such, much of its influence stems from there. The reason I bring this up is because I want to talk about copyright. Most Makina I listen to are original compositions and much of the music taste I have been exposed to has been released through Makinaforce Recordings, M-Project’s personal labels, and etc. I get the impression that many artists in this scene wish to protect their works from being uploaded online and therefore; if I were to make a set containing this type of music and then make a video to post to Youtube, I’d most likely wake up the next morning and receive a Content ID, or Copyright Strike.

I didn’t want that, but because I couldn’t give this work enough exposure, it proved to among the least popular of our sets. It also had recording issues resulting in audible noise playing in the background during vocal/melodic sequences, and some audio degradation. Makina Initialization 2 is out, and I would recommend listening to that instead.

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