The original plan for this set was to release it in three parts: one by myself that would be exactly the same style as TWMIX-001, another by Focus, which would focus on drum & bass, mainstream hardcore, or whatever else he liked, and a third by TsundereWorks, which would be another set similar to TWMIX-002. Only my set ended up being realized, and overall I feel it was an improvement over the original J-Core Remix!!.


During this time, Minty Dacquoise, our mascot, was designed and illustrated by Ieka95, and was used in the title card for this video. Please pay her gallery a visit sometime. Our recurring guest motion graphic designer, Succubus, and myself worked on the visuals for the video. I also practiced beatmatching and made this without auto-sync.

During the first two attempts to upload this video, I received a Content ID for track “Tsugaru Rainbow – ETIA.” that muted the entire audio and a Video Content ID for a clip of the Evangelion 3.33 movie I used for “Over the Fullereneshift – DJ Sharpnel” which blocked viewing everywhere. I tried uploading again with the video flipped, and a sepia filter applied, but the same result happened. Maybe I should have resized and repositioned the video to a corner like other channels do, but I didn’t want to distort it in that fashion. The result is that the video has all kinds of removal of content throughout its duration, but the muted portions of it are at the beginning and end of the set. You can still listen to the full version on Mixcloud, as well as download it from Mega.

Despite these issues, it still turned out to be quite popular. The full video with all the content, as well as a set list, and image gallery, are all available to download.

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