TsundereWorks and I mixed this live on Youtube for New Year’s on December 31st, 2014. It is a massive set, spanning over 100 tracks, and I don’t think the set list for it was ever finalized. As I began to write the post for this work, I paused for a few minutes, and asked myself, “Wait, what is TWMIX-007 again?” I had already forgotten about it. It was a set meant to be listened to and celebrated live, so I don’t really expect anyone to listen to something so massive after the fact.

If you still remember sets from when I started mixing, you might remember “A Little Bit of Everything & Friends,” which were two mixes I made consisting of miscellaneous Touhou and original House and Progressive Trance mixes in the 128-135 BPM range for easy listening. The theme was the same this time around, but in retrospect, maybe we should have enabled auto-sync, as mixing such a large set becomes unmanageable after the first 50 tracks and a few alcoholic drinks. Really, Gensou-Ange was the kickback of kickbacks. It was a genuine pleasure to celebrate with everyone who cared to drop by on Youtube. The night felt a lot warmer and much less lonelier with you all. I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

When streams are broadcast live on Youtube, they are automatically archived. It didn’t take long until we received a copyright claim from Ultra Music, a major music label, for a track we played, “Plastik World – Masayoshi Minoshima Vo. Misawa Aki.” The track had previously been uploaded to my channel at the very beginning of its conception and never had I had trouble with it. The portion of the music that was in the claim was not a vocal, nor was it a melody. It was just a simple riff that resembled their alleged track. Knowing this, I appealed the claim, and it was rejected by the label. Any further action would require my personal information and risking myself a possible lawsuit for a cause we make no monetary profit from.

You can still listen to it on Mixcloud or download it from Mega.

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