Like TWMIX-006, TWMIX-009 does not have a proper title and is meant to be an improved version of the former. In this set, I begin with an intro track that sets the atmosphere and then, I play a sequence of Hardstyle songs and use a glitch-hop track to transition into Freeform/UK-Hardcore. The trick used for this Hardstyle → Glitch-Hop transition is the same as the one described in the blog post for TWMIX-006. Notably, I also make a transition between “Ascension – Dustboxxxx” → “Helheim – Moro,” two 220 BPM songs which I somehow made work. As the BPM becomes higher in the set, it is more difficult to beatmatch tracks and errors become quickly audible when made. With this considered, TWMIX-009 contains the largest range in played BPM than any other mix we have released so far without counting the Speedcore track at the end. In typical J-Core Remix!! fashion, I include a closing track at the end that I play from front to back. Because of this, I consider this set to be my most complete and encompasses the most variety of music. At this time of writing, the video is still in production, but I shall see this set online sometime soon.

Edit: And here it is.

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