TWMIX-011 J-Core Remix!! 2.5

Listen on Mixcloud. Download from Mega.

There is a problem with continuity in that I decide to do things ahead of time when there are plenty of things that I should be working on that are several months late. For example, TWMIX-011 at this time of writing is already completed when we still have yet to release TWMIX-008 and TWMIX-010. Despite this, I still wanted to create a new J-Core Remix!! work but because of timing being right in line with Comiket 88 and towards the end of the Summer Anime season, I decided it to release it as J-Core Remix!! 2.5. I will ensure that next time, for J-Core Remix!! III, I will have fresh new bangers for everyone. Aside from this fact, it is structured exactly as you would expect, but it doesn’t build upon J-Core Remix!! II like TWMIX-006 or TWMIX-009 did. It features the remix of Signal Graph that I couldn’t include in TWMIX-005, and it has Anime bootlegs scattered throughout the set, but the emphasis this time is on technique, or in other words, exactly how I do this type of thing to begin with.

The video for TWMIX-011 shows a screen capture of the session in Traktor, along with a camera feed that shows my hand movements and information of the current and previously played tracks. I use all four decks on my controller this time, and the purpose is to be able to cue more songs in advance so that I have more time to focus on the current ones rather than constantly feel the need to load the next one immediately as I transition into the next song. I felt this was more useful than finding a way to use samples in my sets like Traktor seems to intend for you to do.

Pocotan’s “Seaside Girl,” was a track I’ve been wanting to use for a while now in a set, but it always bothered me how I wanted to include the outro but not have to play the entire track front to back. This time, I used two cue points and the idea was that I would immediately advance to the other point in the track upon hitting that cue point. If timed correctly, the difference would sound completely natural. Please decide for yourself if I succeeded at this. Once at the end, transitioning to the other track becomes very easy.

I feel the only real mistake here lies in the transitions to and from “The drug that took me to heaven – Spy47.” It is a track that was also in “The Best of J-Core Masterz,” composed of two disks, one containing full songs and the other that is a seamless DJ mix. The version I used was from the original “J-Core Masterz Vol. 4.” It is a track that is heavily concentrated in the mids and has a very dissonant sequence just before the melody, which is the only reason I bothered playing it to begin with. In the CD, the transition is simply a rough fade to and from the previous song. As for the outwards transition, that was my mistake as I began playing “Sweetness and Love – 3R2 Ft. DJ Mashiro” right on the cue point I was supposed to end on. The part just before the breakdown on the latter track has a break using the kickdrum that sound offbeat when both tracks are playing.

All in all, it helped me notice the importance of mixing in key, which I try out for TWMIX-008.

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