Untitled Demo was a set of two mixes I made as demos to show what I could do at this point. The intent was to make them short using tracks that I liked yet were different from each other, without using auto-sync or cut points to transition between them. The video for these were meant to be short and their videos only used visuals made by myself, but I feel like the planning for Uplifting Side fell off sometime through production. I ended up using very long tracks for it, and it was clear I couldn’t do the same thing TsundereWorks and I did in TWMIX-002. I will come back to it again sometime. As for Aggressive Side, I was content with the result but sometimes I forget the video is only supposed to be a portion of the full-length mix on Mixcloud. I remember cutting it short because it was a demo, but also because it would have otherwise suffered the same copyright issues as TWMIX-005 had I uploaded it in its entirety to Youtube. I really liked the transition from Trap, to Drum & Bass, to UK-Hardcore.

Making Aggressive Side helped me realized that there is a substantial lack of hardcore rave-like events that would play this type of music in clubs here in Los Angeles. If you ask me, I can really only recommend sending samples of your sets to things like Anime conventions if you’re interested in playing this kind of music outside, but I can’t think of anything else. The popularity for it seems to just not be there at all here. Is it a midwest-only thing in the US?

A new template was developed for videos of DJ Mixes. It was designed to be easy to use, where I would just drop in content, edit, and render. You can read more about it here.

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